Piduruthalagala Mountain

Piduruthalagala, is the tallest Mountain range in Sri Lanka. It is also a Forest Reserve, situated at the highest Elevation of the country, next to the heart of the township of Nuwara Eliya.

Nuwara Eliya being a valley, consists of a plateau, shaped elliptically. The mountain ranges, rise to 2000 feet with sharp ridges. The plateau itself being 6240 feet above sea level, makes the highest mountain peak, “Piduruthalagala”, resulting a height of 8292 feet (2527 Meters) above sea level.

A path to climb the Piduruthalagala mountain, existed as way back as, 1897. The four-mile trek to the top, needed two and half hours, or slightly less, on horseback. The Ladies of the time, also had the choice of being carried on a chair, which was tied to two Bamboo, poles, carried by four bearers, all the way up and back! The British preferred to call this mountain “Pedro”, as pronouncing the word “Piduruthalagala”, was not easy for them.
Piduruthalagala, in the native language Sinhala means, “The rock laden with straw “.

A 35 -minute Drive from The CheRiz – Nuwara Eliya.
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