Shri Baktha Hanuman Temple

The temple is on a stunning location, that looks out towards, the Kotmale valley.
According to the legend of Ramayana, Hanuman, searched for Queen Sita in the jungles above, and behind, the temple.

There is a stretch of barren land, known as the ‘Chariot Path’, on which King Ravana, is said to have taken, Queen Sita to Ashoka Vatika, to showcase the beauty of his kingdom. There is also said to be a pond, – the ‘Sita Tear Pond’, which had formed through the tears, shed by Queen Sita.

The temple itself, is an enterprising establishment, devoted to this legend, and contains a 40-foot- standing, granite statue, of Lord Hanuman. It is believed, that Lord Hanuman was searching for the Queen, Sita, from the hills of Ramboda. The Ramboda area where the temple is situated, is believed, to be an area where Rama’s forces, were gathered to fight against Ravana.