Sita Temple

Tourist brochures term, the Sita Temple, as “the only Rama Sita temple in the world”. The Sita temple, which is patterned on the lines of a modern south Indian temple, is set in an idyllic countryside, beside a stream of cascading crystal clear water. The Rama Sita Temple is believed to be at the very spot, where, as mentioned, in the epic, Ramayana, Queen Sita, was held captive by the demon-king Ravana. Myth has it that Sita, the wife of King Rama, was imprisoned in the Ashoka forest, in this region. The temple trustees believe, that this is no myth and that Sita’s imprisonment, at this spot, is a historical fact.

On one side of the temple, closer to the river bank, is a small shrine, with three darkened idols, which were found a century ago.

Beliefs here are strong and devotees are convinced, that this episode of the Ramayana epic, did indeed take place here.

A 25 -minute Drive from The CheRiz – Nuwara Eliya.
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